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Leo_cryptus's test result

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Leo_cryptus's test result Empty Leo_cryptus's test result

Post by klutzyr0cket on Wed Apr 15, 2015 6:29 pm

Win:Loss 0/20
0:2 = 0/20
1:2 = 5/20
2:1 = 15/20
2:0 = 20/20
Deck Construction = 10/20 | You have more than 40 cards. Trap stun are not important anymore so you should replace it. Your deck has a lot of cards you dont really need so you should fix it.
Ability = 6/15 | You knew how your cards work and tried to make some nice combos but your deck has low consistency with some cards you dont really need.
Siding = 2/10 | You dont really have anything to side in
Extra Deck = 2/10 | It is just a bunch of cards putting together. Not completed
Rulings = 7/15 | A lot of ruling mistakes.
Control =2 /10 No real control here

Overall Result: 29/100

Apolio Red = 0-49 --------- 29
PettlePhin Blue = 50-69
Cannahawk Green = 70-94
Rampengu Gold = 95-100

Congratualtions You Made It To: Apolio Red. Dont worry Leo, you can still make it to the top, just practice and practice. Also fix your deck or ask anyone here for help. Welcome to SPDA, enjoy your stay here Smile

Leo_cryptus's test result Late_n12

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Leo_cryptus's test result Empty Re: Leo_cryptus's test result

Post by whatthe101 on Thu Apr 16, 2015 8:20 pm

welcome to gardna...xD

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