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Grimm-Tales: "Articleception #1"

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Grimm-Tales: "Articleception #1" Empty Grimm-Tales: "Articleception #1"

Post by !~Lord Beelzebub~! on Thu Apr 09, 2015 1:58 pm

April/9th/2015~ Log #1

Lord Beelzebub here, I had a recent interview with one of the members of Gardna Duel Academy by the name of, ironically, Satellarknight Delteros. The gentlemen gave me some insight on the April 1st 2015 TCG banlist, and whether or not the archetype Sattellarknights’ are a “thing” or not. Interesting enough I was impressed about the information/insight of not only the decks relevance and functionality, I was given subtle POV reasons on the remarks issued. Seems like Satellarknights’ in this Apl/1/2015 TCG banlist have a lot of good match-ups but they all seem to have a struggle with two decks that no one really did not already anticipate. I asked about the decks synergy and progressive competition and the response wasn't anything short of sure of their ‘potential’ and ‘dominance’. I believe that with the information that I received makes it so that the Sattellarknight archetype, pre as well as post World Superstars, will make a damn good splash on the meta. Will they succeed in proving worthy enough to contend with the best of the est in the meta game, Nekroz, with their seemingly endless searching ability and their explosiveness after a short but very strong power creep, or the famed Burning Abyss monsters, who have nearly any trap at their disposal at any given time, ridiculous I know. B.A (Burning Abyss) seem to have effect activation after another, sometimes they don’t even miss timing, crazy I know, but, they do fall to the new Sattellarkngiht/Constellar XYZ “Diamond”, (sorry the name is way too complicated to insert and to avoid confusion was hereby omitted.) which kills all opponents deck shenanigans.
Anyways, we’ll be sure to see how far the deck goes, what stories I’ll be unfolding, and like always, what card/deck/opponent goes to hell.

!~Lord Beelzebub~! : Delteros... How does it feel that your archetype has been knocked down a couple of notches, to the point Shaddoll's are your rivals?
Stellarknight Delteros : Wait until World Superstars.
Stellarknight Delteros : We'll be back.
!~Lord Beelzebub~! : oh? Really? Care to converse on why?
Stellarknight Delteros : Star Seraphs.
]!~Lord Beelzebub~! : Ahh, true. So winda and possible the trap "Dark Renewal" won't be a problem for you?
Stellarknight Delteros : Winda could be a problem but Diamond is a problem for Shaddolls.
!~Lord Beelzebub~! : yes yes. I see. I forgot about his many problematic solving mechs.
Stellarknight Delteros : I doubt it.
!~Lord Beelzebub~! : Explain a bit on how you Diamond works with your deck Deltors
Stellarknight Delteros : Stellarknight XYZ + MP2 = Get to summon Diamond.
!~Lord Beelzebub~! : Is it prone to potentially anything that shaddolls may have? Possibly even B.A?
Stellarknight Delteros : Shaddolls can't send from the deck with Diamond on the field and Diamond can negate dark monsters effects.

!~Lord Beelzebub~! : Okay so the verdict is, you have a surpassing match-up against Shaddolls. Another lead i have to ask is, does the Satterllar engine contend with the B.A plethora of traps?
Stellarknight Delteros : We got Alpha but the BA traps can be a problem.
!~Lord Beelzebub~! : I see, so staring at a B.A 23-20 trap norm, Satellar seem to move to Diamond more than I expected. I believe, tell me if I'm wrong, but sattelar's need to run 2 exciton, to clear the field, more call of the H, and oasis in order to clear the board and assert more field presence?
I see, so staring at a B.A 23-20 trap norm, Satellar seem to move to Diamond more than I expected. I believe, tell me if I'm wrong, but sattelar's may need to run 2 exciton, to clear the field, more call of the H, and oasis in order to clear the board and assert more field presence?
Stellarknight Delteros : You don't need 2 exciton.
!~Lord Beelzebub~! : No 2 exciton? Okay. How does sattellar get through the plethora of traps and the annoying effects time and time again, even with diamond and Alpha?
!~Lord Beelzebub~! : I seem to feel there has to be a struggle for Sattelar
SwerveSultan : triverr and abyss dweller
Stellarknight Delteros : Yeah Triverr and abyss dweller is really good against the BA match-up
!~Lord Beelzebub~! : Oh yes I forgot totally about the mass removal aspect only for the satterla deck.
!~Lord Beelzebub~! : If you don't mind I want to continue to ask about the Nekroz and rogue deck match-ups
Stellarknight Delteros : Satellarknights can a lot of traps which can be a problem for rogue decks since they don't plus as much as the meta decks.
Stellarknight Delteros : have a lot*
!~Lord Beelzebub~! : Oh, so no actual game play but the normal plays for Sattellar's? gotcha

Stellarknight Delteros : Like Sultan said, Denko/royal decree is a huge problem for Tellarknights.

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