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GCDA rules

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GCDA rules Empty GCDA rules

Post by klutzyr0cket on Thu Mar 26, 2015 10:27 pm

Welcome to the rulebook of GCDA. You need to follow these rules to stay here. Ideas are welcome


- Member must post the topic in the right section.
- Must be in English
- Spamming is fine but try to reply in full sentence
- No 18+ or discriminating topics. Also no abusing in the chatbox.
- Be respectful
- No advertising
- No harassing people


- No advertising.
- No 18+, discriminating or racist content.
- No making fun of people unless they agreed to it.
- No offensive content.
- No oversized images. Resize or spoiler them.

Chatbox rules

- No spam.
- No harassment of other members.
- No full caps, this is considered spam as well.
- No 18+, discriminating or racist content.
- No trolling.


Warnings are given whenever someone breaks these rules. There's a difference between two sorts. Warnings in the chat, which will be given when you break the rules on the chatbox and account warnings, that are given after offensive posting or such misbehavior.

Chat Based Warnings

Chat Warning 1: Warning to stop
Chat Warning 2: Kick from chat
Chat Warning 3: 5 minute Chat Ban
Chat Warning 4: 1 hour Chat Ban
Chat Warning 5: 24 hour chat Ban
If the same issue persist, a permanent chat ban can be given. This can only be done by an Admin.

Forum Based Warning

Warning 1: 1 hour Forum Ban
Warning 2: 1 day Forum Ban
Warning 3: 3 days Forum Ban
Warning 4: 1 week Forum Ban
Warning 5: Permanent IP Ban

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GCDA rules Empty Re: GCDA rules

Post by Lord Ashur on Mon Apr 13, 2015 3:55 am

Rules have been updated.
Lord Ashur
Lord Ashur

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