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Nukyur's Test Results

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Nukyur's Test Results Empty Nukyur's Test Results

Post by Agammemnon6 on Wed Apr 01, 2015 5:41 pm

Tester deck: Hieratics
Testee deck: Constellars

Result of the duel: 0/15
0/15: 0-2

General deck evaluation: 22/35

Deck Count - 3/5 points
Deck Performance - 5/10 points - How can your deck perform, combos, plays I'd recommend dropping the constellar spell's, they just really aren't that good and more than likely will be a dead draw.
Consistency - 2/5 points – How consistently your deck performed From what I saw, Game 1 you actually opened no plays and all I saw was a fire fist bear (so I sided for fire fist lol), game 2 you opened heavy backrow and finally got to your key cards, I'd recommend running ROTA's for pollux and upstarts and dualities to get your deck as fast as possible.
Creativity - 5/5 points – How unique your deck is, Not seen constellars in a very long time.
Extra deck - 5/5 points – How well is their extra deck Nothing wrong with it, I'd swap 101 for castel but that's just personal preference
Side deck - 2/5 points - How well is their side deck against tier 1 decks, Not much there that could stop the hieratics, never mind nekroz and qliphorts, although you are prepared for BA and shaddolls with the shadow-imps.

Performance: 25/30

Any good plays they made, any missplays, side decking, etc general evaluation
Also their control of the field
Testers need to show why they take off points
No Real misplays, the only reason I'm taking 5 points off is because I don't really see how spellbinding circle will stop hieratics.
Bonus points: 5/5 points great attitude.

How well they perform or their attitude. Just an impression

Ruling: 15/15 points
Didn't see any Ruling errors at all.
Any rulings mistake?

Total: 67/100

Uria Red : 0-49

Hammon Yellow : 50-79

Raviel Blue : 80-99

You need a 100 to get to Armitael Gold, but you will only need 95 or higher in a retest to get in.

Congratz, You made it to Hamon Yellow, enjoy your stay, and with a little bit more practice, you'll be make it to Raviel blue Razz

Nukyur's Test Results Ou1ge12

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Nukyur's Test Results Empty Re: Nukyur's Test Results

Post by klutzyr0cket on Wed Apr 01, 2015 5:43 pm

Welcome to GCDA, enjoy your stay here

Nukyur's Test Results Late_n12

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Nukyur's Test Results Empty Re: Nukyur's Test Results

Post by Nukyur on Wed Apr 01, 2015 5:45 pm

Still to much in my opinion, I got wrecked....

Nukyur's Test Results Nukyur13

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Nukyur's Test Results Empty Re: Nukyur's Test Results

Post by Sponsored content

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