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Suikotsu's test results

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Suikotsu's test results

Post by klutzyr0cket on Wed Apr 01, 2015 12:22 am

Tester deck: Yosenju
Testee deck: Grave keeper

Result of the duel: 0/15
0/15: 0-2

General deck evaluation: 20/35

Deck Count - 5 points
Deck Performance - 6 points, There are better cards out there you can use to enhance your combos.
Consistency - 3 points, Once again, you can take out some cards you dont need.
Creativity - 4 points A pretty different grave keeper deck. Need some change though
Extra deck - 2 points It is not completed, and there are some cards you dont need
Side deck - 0 points, there are no side deck

Performance: 20/30 No siding was made, some missplays were made but not many, huge control game 1 but couldnt attack me.

Bonus points: 5/5 points Good attitude, fun all game

Ruling: 10/15 points
You didnt know my L and R eff, otherwise you are fine.

Total: 55/100

Hammon Red : 0-49

Uria Yellow : 50-79

Raviel Blue : 80-99

You need a 100 to get to Armitael Gold, but you will only need 95 or higher in a retest to get in.

Congratulation you got in to: Uria Yellow, need a lot of upgrades on main deck and extra. Need to make a side deck. Welcome to GCDA, and enjoy your stay here Smile

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Re: Suikotsu's test results

Post by Suikotsu on Wed Apr 01, 2015 12:24 am

Yaaay I didn't do awful Razz

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Pettlephin blue

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Re: Suikotsu's test results

Post by Nukyur on Wed Apr 01, 2015 7:28 am

Welcome to Uria Yellow, follow the advice of the tester and I'm sure you'll improve even more. Keep up the good work!


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Re: Suikotsu's test results

Post by Sponsored content

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